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Utility Payments & Information

To make a utility payment online click on the following link:

If you would prefer to have your utility bill emailed instead of receiving a paper statement each month please send a request by email to

Our Public Works after-hours phone number is 507-221-7255.

City of Fairfax Utility Information

Natural Gas System:   The City owns and operates the natural gas distribution system with approximately 642 connections which serve the communities of Fairfax and Gibbon. New Ulm Public Utilities provides maintenance, inspection and protection services, emergency services, and written material to customers. New Ulm Public Utilities act as agent for the City for the purchase and delivery of adequate supplies of gas.

Electric Distribution System:   The City owns an electrical utility distribution system. Electric power is purchased from the Department of Energy’s Western Area Power Administration and the Central Minnesota Municipal Power Agency. The City’s electrical generating power plant provides electricity to the City customers on a standby basis. The existing generation equipment at the power plant consists of one (1) unit operating at combined total capacity of 1,825 KW. The utility is currently served at 69KV via a one mile long fused radial tap off of the Xcel Energy looped transmission system. The electrical distribution system has approximately 737 connections.

Electric customers interested in interconnection of generation facilities should utilize the link below to begin the application process.

Water System:   The City water system is serviced by a water treatment plant, 150,000 gallon water tower, and two wells. There are approximately 561 water connections. The pumping rate is 400 GPM. 

Wastewater System:   The wastewater treatment facility is a stabilization and aerated pond system with controlled surface water discharge that treats domestic strength wastewater. The facility is a Class D system. The average wet weather design flow of the facility is less than one million gallons per day. The facility has 180 days of storage.